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Hello Bryan,

Happy New Year! If you would have told me a year ago that we’d be all settled and moved into a beautiful new home, I wouldn’t have believed it. In spite of absolutely loving our previous home of 27 years, we realized that a change of pace was needed, and so we made our move rather swiftly and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

I want to thank you for making the leap of faith into our new house possible. Although everyone has unique needs, I know that our list was a long one when came to real estate. We really appreciate the extra miles you went to share your knowledge and resources with us so that our move was a seamless one.

The professionalism we experienced at the Giving Group was beyond our expectations and helped us in so many ways. There were on the fly showings, a change in the mortgage company, successful and skilled negotiating, detailed consultation with clear explanation of contract language, recommended outside agencies who responded promptly, patience, and of course the $14,0000 sharing.

On moving day, our neighbor ran over and asked who are realtor was. I was so happy to have your business card with me to pass on. We want to let others know that they can certainly put their trust in the Giving Group for the best possible moving experience out there.

Kathryn and Greg McLachlan

Kathryn and Greg McLachlan

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